What is the Difference of a Dedicated Web Server to a Desktop PC?

Maybe you’ve realized that a website or a web server is essential for your business. I’m sure many of you asked if you can use a high-end PC instead of getting a dedicated server. This is true especially for those who are just starting out or those who have budget constraints. Many often believe that a desktop PC and a dedicated server is basically the same thing, but this is not true.

However, it’s true that you can setup your own server using either one. Even though they could have the same amount of processing speed, RAM, storage, etc. The engineering technologies behind them are designed very differently.

A desktop computer is designed for user-friendly and desktop-oriented tasks and it typically uses multiple background applications to manage many different kinds of things such as background applications and many other different kind of services. A dedicated server on the other hand is different – most of the time, it doesn’t have a GUI or a graphical user interface and its software and hardware are designed for nothing but server purposes – which is designed to endure a round the clock management, storage, sending and data processing.


But what exactly makes a dedicated server different from a desktop PC? There are several things that are different from a desktop PC to a dedicated server. Some of them are the following:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Maintenance Costs

A dedicated server is purely dedicating all of its resource (e.g. RAM, disk space, CPU speed, etc.) for a sole purpose: serving data, files and other things. Because of that, the performance and reliability that it offers is vastly superior compared to a desktop PC. In addition to that, dedicated server’s parts are engineered to withstand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation – which a standard desktop computer can’t handle. Therefore, a full dedicated server can operate for years while your standard desktop server will start degrading after a year of use.

Stability and security will also be an easy one for dedicated servers because they can be easily implemented with RAID or other similar backup methodologies. In addition to that, server security (OS level) is far better compared to a desktop computer. In addition to that, because you don’t need to update hundreds of different software on a regular basis, you’ll have less maintenance tasks.

In addition to that you can see that a dedicated server costs more upfront, but it’s you’ll see that you’ll have cheaper costs in the long run. How? This is because you’ll have cheaper maintenance costs compared to a dedicated server. In addition to that, the security, scalability and stability is another way that you can save further when you choose a dedicated server over a desktop PC acting as a web server.